[mobile china news] on the first day of 618 promotion, the mobile phone war has become extremely hot. Realme has won the top 2 sales of Android mobile phone brands on Jingdong and tmall platforms, and the top 2 sales of mobile phone brands on Suning platform, becoming the mobile phone brands with the fastest growth of mobile phone sales on these domestic core e-commerce platforms. In order to celebrate this event, realme brought more than 80 friends to give you 618 heart beating Koi super welfare, and the prize let you get soft

The prizes include zhenwo GT, zhenwo GT Neo flash version, line mobile phone, wired Neo wireless headset, zhenwo smart night light, mobile power supply, cool cold back clip, Guochao customized sweater, tote bag, zhenwo xfpy co branded customized T-shirt, pole, electric toothbrush, Chaowan water cup, two-week annual limited medal, zhenqimiao hand key ring and other peripheral gifts


prize also includes 7 happy Koi cans, 120 cans of soda water, 120 pail, 120 mask, 100 mask and 1 Raytheon mouse. Participation mode: follow the official microblog account of realme, and forward the designated microblog of “618 heartbeat Koi” to participate in the lucky draw. June 18, 6:18 PM lottery, interested in small partners can turn up. Go back to Sohu to see more