Three years ago, Koi Xin xiaodai, after a flash in the pan, faded out of people’s vision, and suddenly became self violent and “had a bad life”. According to her account, in order to run out of the travel coupons sent by Alipay, she quit her job first and spent about 200000 of her savings. p>

As soon as the news came out, netizens first sympathized, and soon there was a reversal. Someone said frankly, “sell miserably” is her common marketing routine in the past year: “just talking about microblog, she has more than one million fans, and it’s just a matter of ten thousand to receive promotion casually. High level hot search and crying are really treating netizens as idiots?” Meanwhile, people close to Alipay make complaints about Sina’s finance. This is not the first time Tucao has been sold. p>

Sina Finance combs xinxiaodai’s microblog, which mainly focuses on life, but there are not a few hard advertisements. What is more remarkable is that the tiktok surge has increased from 200 to 100 thousand. p>

Xin xiaodai’s life experience is not eye-catching. Born in 1992, he graduated from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and became a “program ape” in a state-owned enterprise. But in 2018, the ordinary girl’s life trajectory suddenly changed. When Alipay held the raffle event, the total value of hundreds of prizes in the award pool totaled about 100 million yuan, attracting the about 3000000 forwarding of micro-blog’s whole network. Finally, Alipay announced that these will belong to the only lucky person. p>

“At that time, I vaguely felt that I didn’t have to worry about the rest of my life.” Xin Xiao stayed in his video to share that when he just won the prize, he said that his brain was blank. “I quit my job as soon as I got on top that month, and I got my passport ready as soon as I could, and I was ready to travel around the world all the time.”

But after receiving the prize, she said she was stupid. Originally, I thought I was “wealth free”. As a result, I found that most of the coupons I got were one-time consumption coupons, which were valid for one year. Other food, clothing, housing and other businesses had to pay for themselves“ I spent more than 200000 yuan, but I also blew up my credit card. I was very tired. I went to the hospital more than I did that year. “

Xin xiaodai, who came back from travel, spent all his savings and went back to reality, found that he was out of touch with the times. “He fell behind too much and didn’t go well where he went for an interview.” She describes her state like this: “I haven’t thought about what to do, but I hope I can find a job smoothly.”

According to sina finance, after winning the prize, xinxiaodai’s microblog has grown from several million fans to more than 1 million in an instant. Up to now, xinxiaodai has 1.59 million fans. Xinxiaodai can quickly jump into the hot search for anything. At the same time, sina finance and economics found that the trademark of “xinxiaodai” was registered by many companies, and 102 relevant results were found

in micro-blog, her certification is 2018 Alipay China Koi, micro-blog vlog blogger, seemingly many daily life sharing, but there are obviously some dazzling gum and other hard promoted micro-blog, and more with the name of the brand of soft advertising. A cursory scan revealed no less than 10 similar items. She also set the top of a snack evaluation video, suspected of “just meal” promotion

But in this critical era, once the top flow is weak, it will also be submerged. Winning the prize is the peak. Compared with three years ago, xinxiaodai’s popularity has been declining all the way. Today, the blogger made a minor note and asked, “have you ever noticed her Alipay Koi letter?” As of noon yesterday, a total of 69000 people took part in the voting, of which more than 94% chose not to pay attention

A post-90s friend told Sina Finance: “in addition to the koi tag, if she is different, she will have any fancy skills, maybe a million big v.”

“It’s her problem.” Another netizen said bluntly, “she runs around by herself, takes vlog with her friends, and often does live broadcast. Even without additional sponsorship, it’s not impossible for her to make money while playing with traffic. “

Some people even doubt that her sale is another marketing. For example, big V Shuangye, who has millions of Weibo fans, said, “is this marketing? Her account is soft to accept advertisements, and the price is also very high. One advertisement can cover most people’s salary for one year. Is it interesting to sell it now? I believe it’s a warm-up for a new round of marketing. “

“So do I become a net star now or last shift?” Xin xiaodai’s remarks yesterday also attracted criticism, which seems to echo hot search with marketing. In the eyes of more netizens, whether it is out of her own will, or relying on the promotion of heat and capital, she is just a tool person who is coerced by the traffic

But she is undoubtedly lucky, because she has at least the national label of “Koi”. A lot of people who are “Internet celebrities” like her are looking at the scenery, but in this flow only industry, they are facing the risk of being eliminated in real time, and even many “Internet celebrities” are hard to support themselves



2016年,现象非凡的网络红人Papi sauce谈到了网络红的迭代,她在接受采访时表示:“不管人气好还是创作能力好,都会是一个起伏的状态。也许这次作品不错,人气上去了。也许以后的作品出不来了。我想人气会下降一点。我们都认为这很正常p>